The Team

Building the First Mancave

We have been observing what has been offered on the market in terms of accessible, high-end storage for both vehicles and general purpose. We kept a good eye out and while there are plenty of interesting products available, we noticed an obvious gap in the market.

We then spent years to devise a product and came up with an industry-first: the Mancave. Versatile and functional, it is luxury storage that appeals to all. A Mancave is like a factory space or mini warehouse with sought-after facilities – so unique you’d be out of your mind not to invest.

Experience, Collaboration and Expertise

Who said dreams don’t come true? Here at Mancave Storage we have spent many hours putting together a top team of trusted and experienced consultants who have worked with us previously on other projects.

The team members are all highly skilled in their industries and were carefully selected to make the best, safest and most modern storage facility possible.

We are enjoying the collaborative process needed to make the Mancave turn into a reality from being just a dream.

Services and the professionals we have on board include:

Design by Bill Jacobs Associates
Structural engineering by Bonacci
Services by HR Consulting
Security by Mon Jon
Building by Stella Design and Construct