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Trade Units Perfect for Building Supplies, Materials and Tool Storage

As a professional tradesman and/or builder, you fully understand the importance of keeping equipment safe and secure. If your equipment has ever been damaged or stolen, you know how much it can cost you.
That’s why Mancave have created the ideal environment in which to house your building supplies and machinery so that they stay dry and safe.
No more room at home for your tools and materials? Looking for a reliable, centralised space in Melbourne? We have the answer.
Safe, Secure and Efficient – The Only Way to Store

Let’s face it – without your equipment, you don’t have a business. And while it is definitely worth taking the time to invest in the right system, you don’t need to waste hours online trying to find the best solution to suit your needs. We’ve created a convenient, secure answer that is designed to be flexible enough to provide a home for all of your machinery, building supplies and materials of all types. No other storage unit offers more.

Mancave is a carefully designed space created specifically with you and your needs in mind. These versatile and highly functional units offer a number of benefits to our trade customers:

Securely retain expensive equipment in monitored and alarmed units
Keep your building supplies in a clean, organised and central location
Protect your sensitive materials
Drop by in between jobs to eat, use the toilet or simply relax

Stop cluttering the family home with bulky, dangerous building supplies and never put your materials at risk in a cheap facility that could damage sensitive materials.

With Mancave Storage units in Melbourne, you can relax knowing your gear is safe in the highly secure facility, which boasts alarms, gating and sprinklers to name a few.

Call 9532 6088 or visit our contact page to speak to one of our sales representatives about investing in a Melbourne unit for your building supplies.