Motor Enthusiasts

Calling all Motor Enthusiasts on the Hunt for Premium Car Storage

Are you the kind of gentleman who believes your cars and boats deserve their own premium facility where you can store, maintain and admire them in style?
Do you dream of having the keys to a spacious, modern facility that also operates as an exclusive room for you and a select few to use whenever you choose?
If so, then it is high time for you to indulge in the luxury of a Mancave, an industry-first in innovative garage solutions. Why? Because you deserve it.
Secure, Spacious and Loaded with Extra Conveniences

Invest in our wonder-product today and relax knowing your prized possessions are safe in a brand new, state of the art car storage facility that is classy, secure, convenient and functional -designed for men just like you. Men who value their vehicles and are looking for the right space in which to house and honour them.

We have Mancaves for sale in Melbourne. The units are spacious with more than enough room to keep several large cars and even provide comfortable boat and caravan storage. Typical dimensions of a unit are:

120 sqm plus 50sqm mezzanine – 10 meters wide by 12 meters deep
Rollover doors 5 x 4.5m
Minimum 6m internal height

Whether you are looking for a space to do long-term repairs or alterations on your vehicle, or just want a luxury garage in which to safely house them, this premium facility in Melbourne is the right solution for you.

Each unit goes above and beyond and includes not only exceptional car, boat and caravan storage, but also a range of handy facilities to make each visit to your private dwelling enjoyable, efficient and hassle-free.

It has everything you want. In fact, once you’re there there’s absolutely no need to leave.

Contact us on 9532 6088 to speak to one of our sales representatives about investing in the perfect space for boat, caravan and car storage in Melbourne that you’ll want to spend time visiting.