Downsizers Unite – We Have the Perfect Furniture Storage Solution

Have you recently downsized but find you have much more ‘stuff’ than you thought? Is all the clutter in your small space stressing you out?  If you’re looking for an easy, efficient storage option in Melbourne, Mancave is the perfect solution for downsizers as it can comfortably and securely store your furniture, cars and even caravans.
Reclaim your quality of life when you buy a Mancave today. Be free of all the things you don’t need right now and take a load off, allowing you to live in the organised, clutter-free space that you want. Enjoy your retirement and new property without the hassle and stress of worrying about where to store all your things.

Downsizing is meant to be fun, so don’t waste a second of your time looking for the right space, just order your Mancave today!

A Large, Modern Storage Unit – Perfect for You

Here in Melbourne, we have developed a range of brand-new and highly modern car and caravan storage units called Mancave Storage. Mancave gives you the freedom to store your things in the way that suits you best, in the luxury of modern facilities with all the comforts of home.

Why a Mancave is the Ideal Choice


Storage no longer has to be something risky. Enjoy retirement not having to worry about your lifelong possessions and the threat of theft or damage- two of Mancave’s primary features are high level security and climate-controlled units that will protect your family photos and other precious possessions.


Here at Mancave Storage we believe in providing facilities that are versatile and dynamic, enabling a greater, more varied use. For instance, Mancaves do not only store cars. The generous space allows for the storage of boats, caravans, as well as any other large-scale items you may have, including furniture.


All of our units are equipped with features designed for your ultimate comfort. From air conditioning and Foxtel to a car wash, café and onsite manager, your Mancave is truly an extension of your home and designed to be enjoyed. Put in a pool table and TV for an escape that will make visiting the storage unit a pleasure!

If you’re in Melbourne and looking to downsize and you’re searching for premium, classy furniture storage, why not buy or rent a Mancave today? Just call one of our team members now on 9532 6088 or visit our contact page for more information.