Frequently Asked Questions

Several interested buyers have contacted us already to find out more. Here are some of the most common questions asked:

When will construction of the Mancave Storage units commence?

During the first quarter of 2015.

When will the units be completed?

By November 2016.

Why buy one now off the plan?

To customise the space to suit your needs.

How does this work if I’m downsizing house?

Have your kids left home and you’re looking for a better lifestyle? A smaller house or apartment closer to the water or city? You’re excited about the change however you have realised you have no space to store things. We have Mancaves for sale to provide you with that additional space. A Mancave is a luxury – enabling you to tinker on old projects and do odd jobs.

Why do I need a storage space?

It’s more than just that. We see our unique designs as an extension of your home; your Mancave is like having factories or warehouse spaces for your private use so that your prized possessions are not squeezed into your garage. Treat it like a big shed, a home away from home.

I have a business. Can I use Mancave Storage?

As long as you’re not having clients to the site all the time, it is the perfect situation for you to be in, with additional space to sort, house and organise all the things pertaining to your business. Make the most of the onsite car wash, and have your fleet always looking its best.

Can I buy one using my self-managed super fund?

Subject to your accountant’s advice, many people are looking to buy or rent out, even to their own business, one of our caves for men.

As an investment, would sort of a return would I receive?

Indications show that 6% return is achievable. Remember, outgoings (council rates, etc.) are paid by the tenant, not the owner. Unlike when you rent an apartment, and you must pay all outgoings. So you’re paying 6% and getting more, rather than getting 4% return as well as paying all the associated costs.

I can’t afford to buy one today.

Why not buy it out and get someone else to rent it until it is paid off?

Do you have any testimonials?

Yes, we have a number of testimonials but the words that best sum up why you should buy a Mancave were spoken by a baby boomer telling a good friend:

‘I invested in a Mancave in order to scratch an itch. My dream was always to finish some projects and complete odd jobs but I never had the space. Now finally I do, thanks to the team at the Mancave Storage.’

Want to own your own Mancave? Contact us today on 9532 6088 or submit a basic enquiry form here.